ACG is a Parent Holding Company on the OTC market. The strategy ACG intends to deploy is a shared resource model where portfolio companies and real estate investments are vertically integrated, optimizing efficiencies and cost savings. Peak Construction Group is a prime example of how internal portfolio companies can create efficient economies to scale. Peak will allow the company to complete construction projects on distressed properties quicker and at a lower cost. Furthermore, ACG has its own internal accounting, property management and legal teams which provide consistency and uniformity throughout the life of the investment.

ACG will apply roughly 80% of funds raised towards diversified classifications of real estate with a strong focus on distressed assets and healthcare. The company’s distressed value add projects will consist of warehouses, student housing, multifamily, conversions and flips. With regards to healthcare, ACG’s network of experts in the field allow us to make decisive decisions on what off market opportunities to accept and help us negotiate better terms. ACG has a vast group of relationships that provide off market opportunities nationally before the competition. As a result, the company has the first opportunity to capitalize on projects.

The remaining 20% will be applied to a mix of early stage equity investments in companies that synergize with the company’s shared resource model and secured lending opportunities. Potential acqui-hires such as a development agency, marketing agency, staffing company and an architecture firm would create opportunities to generate external revenue while providing cost savings to all of the portfolio and real estate investments. These companies will create the foundation on which the investments grow from. ACG will act as a secured bank backed by revenue producing real estate assets to continue to grow the portfolio.

ACG’s strategic mission is to utilize a unique blend of capital, relationships, experience, and secured lending structures to increase value for the clients, partners, investors, and shareholders while reducing the overall risk.

The company’s big picture long term plan is to create an ecosystem of shared resources that can provide quality resources with reduced expenses while acting as a secured lender for all projects. The intent is to have multiple businesses and investment projects or divisions to help diversify the risk and generate potential revenue in multiple ways while leveraging both the private and public markets.

Our Investments

  • Real Estate

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  • Secured Lending

    ACG will focus a portion of the proceeds into secured lending. Money is becoming more expensive...

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  • Early Stage Business Investments

    The Company may become an equity investor in certain companies if the investment opportunity...

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