Real Estate

The company will primarily focus on real estate because it has a high tangible asset value, provides reliable cash flow, has a history of growth and predictability, and a property will never lose all of its value. The average annual return of commercial real estate over the past 20 years is roughly 9.5%, nearly 1% greater than the S&P 500's average annual return of 8.6% over the same period of time. Further, the market yields the best investment opportunities during and after a recession. Cohen& Steers, an industry expert, argues that the market is already in a “shallow recession” after a few quarters of negative GDP growth. They went on to say that Investors who can take advantage of the current real estate market dislocation will reap attractivereturns in the next two years because of the big reset, 2023 and 2024 will likely be very strong.

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