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Integration of software will significantly improve task management features

CHICAGO, IL - Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ( (OTC: ACGX), Investor in PeopleVine, Inc. ( is pleased to announce that PeopleVine has acquired the assets of Tribe PM, Inc., owner of, to help expand their group collaboration, project management and task  management capabilities along with other benefits.

Tribe is a project management platform focusing on task management and group collaboration tools to help companies stay on track as they launch projects.  The software will help enhance PeopleVine client’s ability to ensure marketing campaigns and client activations are launched on time while collaborating with their teammates, agencies and other partners.  It will also be leveraged to ensure proper follow throughs and customer touchpoints as we expand our CRM to focus on B2B sales pipelines.  Many of the features and tools will integrate with PeopleVine to create an even more robust set of experiences. will remain live for now with plans to rebrand as PeopleVine Tasks to increase user productivity with a single login.  Current users of Tribe will not be effected at this time.

President and Founder of PeopleVine, Jordan Gilman said “PeopleVine was built to allow companies to create unprecedented brand activations, which at times requires multiple people to collaborate.  Adding Tribe’s technology to our platform will not only help increase platform usage but will help us reach new users as they engage 3rd party collaboration.  It is part of our strategy to ensure one platform to operate your business.  I am very excited to be able to add the benefits Tribe offers to our PeopleVine platform.”

Paul Sorkin, COO and General Counsel of Alliance Creative Group and PeopleVine, said “The acquisition of Tribe is a huge opportunity for PeopleVine and a big step towards our goals of improving the overall engagement experience.  We believe this transaction will help accelerate the business plans and expand the opportunities for PeopleVine.  We also believe this deal will help to create more long-term value for our ACGX shareholders.”   

About Alliance Creative Group, Inc.

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. (Stock Symbol: ACGX) is a full-service product-development agency that since 1997 has been helping clients connect their products and services to their customers. ACG focuses on creative and design services, printing and packaging, brand and product development, fulfillment, logistics and transportation, strategic consulting, digital marketing and engagement, and software development. For more information, visit or

About PeopleVine

PeopleVine is a consolidated platform that allows businesses to build more personal relationships with their customers at scale.

PeopleVine solves the problem businesses have creating and managing holistic relationships with their customers without using multiple products that only support a portion of the relationship building activities.

PeopleVine seamlessly brings together the tools needed to market, sell, and operate a business with streamline efficiencies in a customer engagement suite and enables businesses to make data informed decisions to help generate revenue growth. 

PeopleVine is becoming an industry leader in the growth market of incubators and coworking spaces. Our platform is used by the best in the industry, from 1871 and mHub, to Daymond John’s Blueprint + Co. These clients need a robust platform to manage and engage with their members and PeopleVine supports them in this effort.

In addition to these incubators and coworking spaces, PeopleVine also works with United Airlines, Chick-fil-a, and Bosch. 

We are committed to being the most essential and adaptive SaaS engagement platform for companies that take a customer centric approach to business.

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About Tribe

Tribe is the top external collaboration tool for business. Tribe helps you coordinate work with outsiders—clients, contractors, and vendors, all from a secure, shared workspace. Our platform works naturally in email, mobile, and desktop so that coworkers, clients, and contractors can stay coordinated working in their tool of choice.

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