Campaign Launch: One Up Santa

The holiday's are right around the corner, thus many business will be looking to send their clients gifts thanking them for their business.




One Up Santa

The holidays are right around the corner, thus many businesses will be looking to send their clients gifts thanking them for their business.

Corporate Gifts 4 a Cause, an ACG brand, provides businesses with the opportunity to send their clients a custom branded gift box full of a variety of treats of their choosing. Not only is it a great way to say thank you and happy holidays to your clients, but it is an effective means of showcasing your brand and company style.

Campaign Plan of Attack:

Alliance Creative Group has launched an online campaign harnessing the power of paid social advertisements and Google Adwords to capture audiences on both search engines and social media platforms. These advertisements direct users to the landing page that contains details regarding the custom boxes, and allows users to generate a free quote.

Campaign Execution:

We optimized the effectiveness of our ad dollars by calculating the optimal cost per click (CPC) and determining the maximum bid price for keyword searches in order to maximize our return on investment.

In addition to an effective targeted ad spend we created a series of videos that we distributed through social channels with a targeted paid push in order to capture those audience members who digest advertisements visually. These videos prompt viewers to text a number to receive a link that also directs them to the One Up Santa landing page. Try it yourself: text "santa" to 312-883-9800

This multifaceted approach allows us to connect with potential users through a variety of channels and mediums including:

• Keyword Search
• Visually Enticing Content
• Social Media
• Surveys
• Targeted Newsletters
• Conversion Optimized Landing Page Design

This campaign will run through the second week of November, but if you want your corporate gift boxes to be custom branded the cut-off date is quickly approaching.

Check out the One Up Santa landing page here:

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