Mr. Sorkin

Paul Sorkin
CEO and Co-General Counsel

Mr. Sorkin is the C.E.O. and General Counsel for the Alliance Creative Group. He was the prior C.O.O and General Counsel for the Alliance Creative Group/Invicta Group from 2009 until 2019. From 2005 to 2008, Mr. Sorkin served as CEO and General Counsel at Image Worldwide/Nationwide, where he was also the publisher of IMAGE magazine from 2004 to 2011.

Mr. Sorkin served as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel at S & B Collectibles from 1996 to 2004. At S & B, he helped the company grow from about 5 employees to over 250 employees and from about $1,000,000 in gross revenue to over $100,000,000 in gross revenue and was involved with getting new products on TV, in retail distribution and online. Mr. Sorkin holds a B.A. degree from the University of Illinois and a J.D. degree from Chicago Kent College of Law.

Mr. Sorkin is an attorney licensed by the State Bar of Illinois and has been a serial entrepreneur involved in many other projects and investments, including

Kyle Badgley

Kyle Badgley

Kyle Badgley is an experienced attorney, real estate broker, investor, advisor and business professional with strong analytical and communication skills. Kyle exercises sound judgment in order to enhance swift business processes, drive efficiency, and develop well thought-out strategies to maximize profitability and mitigate risk.

Kyle looks for companies that have found a problem that needs to be solved and have a proven path to solve that problem better than others. He prefers to take an active role to help introduce companies to strategic resources to improve the business, grow revenue, and prepare the company to acquire new companies, sell, or merge.

As a licensed Illinois Real Estate Broker and a member of the Illinois bar, Kyle works on commercial and residential projects. He can examine opportunities efficiently as a lawyer and as a real estate broker utilizing both skills simultaneously. He began his real estate career as a lawyer in 2010, providing legal services to clients experiencing hardship caused by the real estate collapse. As Kyle built his practice he became an expert in drafting, negotiating, and reviewing complex real estate documents and transactions in and out of court.

Kyle works intimately with real estate investment groups, developers, and private high net worth individuals to sell, purchase and develop properties quickly. He also has an extensive social outreach with industry experts which enables him to have a long reach when sourcing real estate opportunities.

Kyle believes that the best opportunities present themselves in a down economy. He understands that interest rates will continue to rise and the true opportunities will be presented to cash buyers who can move without entanglements and with swift decisive action.

Sara Pansk

Sara Pansk

Sara Panski is a skilled accountant with a decade of financial experience. Ms. Panski has a significant background in working with a variety of companies in many different industries. She has advised clients involved in financial transactions while helping them avoid exposure to liabilities and maximizing future revenue opportunities. Ms. Panski currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of a New Jersey-based office that focuses on nursing homes around the country.

In this capacity, Ms. Panski serves as the principal financial advisor to the senior leadership team on strategic and operational planning, new business opportunities, and protecting and enhancing her company’s financial performance. Ms. Panski advises the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer on the financial and operational matters at the company while also developing and implementing strategies for cost containment, cost effectiveness, and operational efficiency. In addition, Ms. Panski provides financial analysis of the company’s strategic plans, proposed capital expenditures and impact of new payment models, changing economic environment and/or regulatory changes. In that role, Ms. Panski develops plans and formulates and recommends policies and procedures for the business administration of the company. The Company believes that Ms. Panski’s background in accounting and cash flow management is extensive and that she can provide valuable services to the Company as an Advisory Board member.

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