Brand Strategy: Your company’s Story and How it Wants to be Seen

Go ahead and let us help you tell your story.

At Alliance Creative Group we believe the brand is the most important aspect of a business. To us, it's essentially the ego of your company. It is what you want to project to your costumers and it’s how you want to be seen by them. How does a company communicate their brand, not just well, but in the fashion that they truly want to be seen? At ACG, we’ve been designing brands for 18 years and know how to communicate ideas effectively through major campaigns as well as subtle methods within the content we will produce for you.

More than an ego, a brand is a story. A narrative of where your company’s been, who your company is, what it wants to do and how it will do it. We can help you communicate that effectively without wasting the costumer’s time, creating mutual respect and most importantly a connection. A connection, not just to your company but to your story, to your new brand.

It all starts with our Brand Strategy which heavily involves research and planning. After collecting the necessary information on the brand, product, and costumer base, we begin a rigorous process creating specific content that will establish that connection with costumers. We strategically plan the release of each piece of content we create coinciding with events and social media engagements. This is only the beginning of the process we offer at ACG.

Once we’ve researched, planned, and discussed how you want the company to be seen, establishing the Brand Strategy, our team can provide design for logos, graphics, websites, videos, and live events further communicating what you'd like your brand to be to your costumers. From here, every expression we create will be within the theme of the brand, which, we believe at ACG, is vital to communicating that your business is stable, trustworthy, and is going to be around for awhile. With promotion of your story, it will be easy to make every costumer feel like a friend to your brand and that it has been around a very very long time and will continue to do so. Establish your brand with us at Alliance Creative Group.

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