The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

The Future and the Possible Dangers of Search Engine Optimization

The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be overstated. SEO is set of strategies used to increase the amount of traffic to your webpage by pushing your company’s website to the top of the search-results page of a search engine like Google or Bing. To give a better idea, some older strategies for SEO include link spamming, which goes without saying is simply putting links to you website in any conceivable place you have access to on the internet, such as online forums or image boards. Another simple strategy is “keyword stuffing” where you ensure your webpage utilizes all the trending and popular words you can identify. If, for example, a hot band released a new song, you could place a piece about it on your webpage using all the words associated with the release. Or you could cleverly refer to it while still covering your own company or product. Now if your page is simply spammed keywords or you get a little too happy spamming your link around the net, search engines may penalize you and push your webpage down the results rankings. This ensures quality search results for the search engine’s costumers, so utilize keywords tastefully with serious purposes otherwise your efforts may cause you take a few steps back instead of forwards.

This is true for all SEO techniques if taken to the point of trying to abuse the system. To us, these are outdated forms of SEO that, while helpful, can cause efforts to be wasted and make your website look illegitimate. A tasteful and respectable way to push your website to the top of popular searches would be “Content Creation”. This is the new world for marketers. Companies now must create content having to do with the niche their company currently occupies. So instead of spamming links strategically using popular keywords giving your site the tone of a robot, you can create high quality articles about your services, testimonials, history, helpful tips and on and on.

Instead of typing up all the information you may also visualize the information and create infographics that are related to your company and or niche. Any articles or graphics that are helpful will establish you as an authority giving you the opportunity to really connect with possible costumers who will be now engaged with the company at a deeper level. This is double true with video content not to mention if you an get any of these pieces of content viral which of course will have positive effect on SEO. It should go without saying the more high quality content you create the more chances a piece of that content will go viral.

Now that you have this content piling up, you have the ability to multiply its existence on the web by posting it all through your social media avenues. By posting the links and sending them out via social media you are giving more and more entry points to your website. The more links that direct to your website will push your website’s rank on search-results pages higher. Again, it is best to organically allow the process to happen over a couple months. Spamming links too much on social media will turn off potential costumers so its much better to continue creating new content then it is to push the same content over and over. You may do this but a month cycle should elapse before pushing the same content and at the very least it should be updated with new information or phrasing.

Pushing your website to the top of the search engine result pages should be a high priority for any company. Here at ACG we offer solutions to everything mentioned above and much more. From designing the website, to creating the content, to building the digital engagement apparatus that will keep your costumers in touch, we offer help at all points of marketing for your business or product. Please check out a more in-depth listing of our online marketing services by clicking here, we'd love to help.

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