Company also increases 2017 Revenue Projections to over $17,000,000

CHICAGO, IL - Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ( (OTC: ACGX) is pleased to announce the overall gross revenue for the entire Company will be over $1,300,000 for the month of January 2017. The Company also increased their 2017 Full year gross revenue projections by over 40% from their 2016 revenue. The new projection for 2017 is over $17,000,000.


CEO of the Alliance Creative Group, Steven St. Louis, said “Our entire team has stepped up in 2017 and I am very proud of what we have accomplished so far. 2017 is shaping up to be our best year ever and we will continue to look for ways to build off what we currently have in place.”  


COO and General Counsel of the Alliance Creative Group, Paul Sorkin, said “We have been preparing for growth for a while now. Many of our newer projects took a little extra time, effort, and money to execute but we are very pleased with how 2017 has started and how the rest of the year is looking. We are improving our internal efficiencies and processes, while reducing the newer project startup expenses, adding new clients, and building on our current momentum to increase our revenues by hopefully 40 to 50% this year. In an effort to control the dilution we have not issued a single share of stock in the past 90 days as well. We will continue to explore multiple ways to maintain and accelerate this growth while reducing our debt and preparing for more future opportunities.”      


About Alliance Creative Group, Inc.

ALLIANCE CREATIVE GROUP, INC. (Stock Symbol: ACGX) Alliance Creative Group, Inc. is a full-service product development agency that focuses on Product Development, Logistics/transportation, Digital Marketing & Engagement, and Software Development. Alliance has been helping its clients connect their products and services to their customers since 1997. The core business areas include creative & design services, printing & packaging, brand & product development, fulfillment, logistics and transportation, strategic consulting, digital marketing & engagement, and software development. For more information, visit or


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